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Good people, great work

We are a lightweight professional set-up, proud to make the digital enterprise a success for our customers! Tailored for High Performance Retail, our services focus on improving existing deployments with strong emphasis on SAP (Hybris) Commerce and Omnichannel Customer Engagement products. We will resolve business critical issues, enhance customer experience, reduce maintenance cost, upgrade and evolve the functionality of your current solution.

To meet the needs of our top tier customers we can apply our expertise towards a complete digital transformation. From replatforming projects, custom extensions and distributed microservices to greenfield development with complex cloud integration scenarios like SaaS or predictive modeling AI.

Affordable Quality

High quality enterprise software tends to be expensive, but there is something more expensive for a large business and that is substandard, unreliable software.

We make no compromises with the quality or our service, while keeping costs at a very competitive level, and this is how we do it:

Open and transparent price negotiation where the client is free to choose individual elements and assess the outcome.

An efficient lean operation without flashy offices, luxury cars or administrative bloat.

We don’t pay rock star sales to persuade you into making bad decisions.

This means we have no debt or massive expenses that our clients will pay for. We can afford to hire and keep the best – top quality development, experienced management, responsible partners. We don’t need to cling to our projects forever. We give you the freedom of choice!

Freedom without risk

A large investment in a complex project with results measured far into the future carries substantial risk, costs that spiral out of control or even catastrophic failure. Attempting to alleviate such risk with expensive insurance could easily inflate SI spending to the point where it puts downward pressure on the number or grade of allocated resources.

A visible solution that works from the start and grows with your business as long as you need it. What would make this possible?

Lean philosophy. Think big, Act small. Fail fast, Learn rapidly.

Agile development as a rapid feedback process, highly reactive to change, whether it may come from the business or its environment.

Do major concerns first, smaller details later. Makes you get off the ground running in the shortest time possible.

Industry best practice, responsive design for a self documenting configuration / code base. Cheap to maintain, easy to expand - by anyone, anytime.

Structured exit strategy with in house support and development training. We can prepare your own employees to cope with daily administrative, maintenance and improvement tasks to keep the product in top shape as long as you have it.




Good people

Boris Hamanov

Founding partner and Director / CTO

I’ve been passionate about innovation and technology since I was a kid, as a way to create great value for the business and more importantly, liberate humanity from boring, repetitive work. I’ve always enjoyed my time in this space, having worked my way up from my first job as a junior professional to technical leadership and a small consultancy of my own.

I like: family, biotech, SF, nature.

I don’t like: sloppiness, indifference.

Samir Ahmed

Founding partner and Director

I don’t think anyone aspires to spending their formative years working in the IT recruitment world! However, with my natural inquisitiveness and dedication to understanding fast paced markets, I managed to build a reputation as an informed and dedicated recruiter. I set up my own Recruitment company focusing mainly in Architecture, but I now have the opportunity to build a value driven (both senses of the word) organization with a partner that can offer assured Hybris technical delivery! 

Don’t be simple, make it simple!

Aleksandar Ivanov

Senior SAP Commerce Developer

I admire the honesty, respect and accuracy between people in both personal and professional relationships. The key to success is a motivating work environment that makes people give their best and unleash the potential they have.

Nikolay Gagov

Technical Lead / Hybris Solution Architect

I enjoy spending time with my lovely family. But a good professional challenge to stretch my mind is always welcome. I don’t appreciate incompetence.

Sevdalina Bezateva

Senior Commerce Developer

I like to improve myself and I am in love with nature. I don’t listen to negative people, that is always a waste of time.

Melina Hamanova

Experience Designer

Art is my passion, whether it be the joy of creation in a painting or the thrill of capturing the world in motion! I don’t appreciate gossip and I don’t like the cold.

Rangel Plachkov

Intern, C++, Python

I like to program and I am interested in robotics. I don’t like to dislike.

Slava Gagova

Customer engagement, EU / Nordics

Communication is a delicate craft and a great source of knowledge. To challenge myself is my specialty! To help customers achieve their goals is my journey, full of adventure and charm!

Johnny Parker

Digital Commerce Advisor

Digital transformation is my life’s work! Friends and family are my inspiration! If you don’t move, you fall behind.

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